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4 Ways To Extend The Life Of Your Roof

Your roof is invaluable to the safety and lifespan of your building. Proper maintenance of your roof enhances its performance over time and prevents damage from factors such as extreme temperatures, debris, and mould.

Extend The Life Of Roof

A maintained roof helps reduce energy costs, protects your building’s occupants, and saves you money over time. Overlooking the needs of your roof can lead to serious damage that requires extensive and costly repairs.

Here are four ways to extend the life of your roof.

  1. Clear the Leaves From Your Roof

    If your building is in an area surrounded by trees, the roof will become covered with leaves as time goes on. This buildup prevents moisture from evaporating and causes the underlying materials to become compromised.

    Using a leaf blower to clear your roofs throughout the year will prevent the possible damage that could occur with a rake, but it’s best to hire a roofing professional to do the job. This will ensure the safety of the worker as well as the integrity of your roof.

  2. Maintain Your Gutters

    Leaves and other debris can make their way into the gutters around your property. When combined with excess moisture from rain, the leaves can increase in weight and put undue pressure on the gutters.

    In some cases, gutters become displaced and can lead to extensive damage. This also prevents the flow of water through the gutters and can cause excess moisture from flowing down the side of your building.

  3. Take steps to Prevent Ice Dams

    Colder temperatures can lead to ice dams on your roof. Formed ice should be treated carefully, as attempting to remove it on your own can damage the underlying roofing material. You can use an extending pole with a roof rake to loosen ice buildup.

    Ice dams are more prevalent on properties that have poor insulation. This should be corrected once the temperatures return to normal so that it’s easier to prevent ice dams the following winter.

  4. Regular Maintenance

    Regular roof maintenance is the best prevention against costly wear and damage. Consult with a roofing service professional to determine the best maintenance schedule for your building’s needs.

    Having a professional inspect and maintain your roof will ensure that all issues are addressed as soon as possible. Issues such as excessive moisture can easily be overlooked by an untrained person.

A professional roofing company can provide you with the proper inspection and repairs to extend the life of your roof. They’ll make sure that all drainage systems, counterflashing, and membranes are in excellent working order so that you have the safest and most reliable roof on your building. For more information, contact us today!

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