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We are excited to announce that Empire Roofing Corporation has Purchased ProCon Inc. in North Carolina and will combine operations to form Procon Roofing Corporation.

Established in 1987, ProCon Inc. has grown and developed an outstanding reputation in the commercial roofing marketplace in North Carolina. For over 33 years ProCon Inc. has cultivated and fostered exceptional relationships in the roofing industry, due in no small part to their exceptional quality and customer service.

We are pleased to announce that the previous owners, Michael Fowlkes and Charles Clegg will continue to play an important role in the new company as both leaders and mentors.

Over the same time frame, Empire Roofing Corporation has grown and developed a reputation as industry leaders in Quality, Customer Service, and Safety. Founded in 1987, and headquartered in Windsor Ontario, Empire Roofing Corporation has grown to three branches in Ontario. The tremendous success of the company has truly been due to the focus on quality over quantity.

Although founded in 1987, Ken Gascoigne the President and Owner comes from a long line of roofing professionals dating back to 1929. This lineage, experience, and focus on quality has led Empire to be presented the most prestigious awards in the roofing community. Empire Roofing Corporation has been awarded the Master Contractor Platinum award, the President’s Club award, and the Inner Circle or Quality award.

This will mark our new foothold in the United States and positions us for exponential growth throughout Canada and US markets. We look forward to providing our customers and clients with the same level of quality and service they have become accustomed to across North America.

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