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Can Roofs be Replaced in the Winter?

It happens every year: a business owner waits too long to deal with their roof issues, the Winter arrives, and issues arise. While the preferred flat roofs can be installed during winter months, roofs that have any kind of a pitch can be dangerous to work on in bad weather.

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When a leak occurs, the business owner may call a roofing company to come and deal with the leak.

The first consideration with Winter repairs is that real people need to work on the roof. A general roofing crew that needs to fix damaged areas may not be experienced in working in inclement weather, so finding a roofing company that’s not only professional, but used to working in all Canadian seasons is essential.

Before they begin fixing any problem areas, the crew will need to remove any snow and/or ice from the roof, and it’s likely that the bare roof surface can become extremely slippery and dangerous. Roofers need to move up and down ladders and if it’s cold outside, will likely have extra gear on, which adds weight. Considering all the additional barriers roofers need to face when fixing a commercial roof, it can be expected that the job will take slightly longer than it would in the warmer months.

An additional consideration is that roofers use a lot of different tools. Air compressors and nail guns may not work correctly if the weather is too cold because the compression and release of air in the system can cause humidity that turns into water. This water can freeze in the airline, and less airflow will be received by the installer. If the roofer does need nails for the job and this occurs, then the nails will not be installed flush with the roofing material.

Despite all of the above potential difficulties, you will be able to get your damaged commercial roof repaired or even replaced entirely during the winter months if you contact the right roofing company, and if the conditions are right. If the weather is too inclement to conduct a safe job, even the best roofers will be unable to complete the task. Look for a company who has experience doing this kind of work in the Winter and you’ll be able to maintain the structure of your building and the safety of your employees.

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