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Five Things To Consider Before Replacing Your Commercial Roof

Your commercial space requires a roofing system that offers exceptional strength and protection against the outside elements. It’s a structure that protects your assets and secures the on-going performance of your business. You have to consider the roofing replacement process carefully before you begin the project! Our team wants to help you make the right decision, so we’re reviewing the five things all companies have to consider before replacing your commercial roof.

Necessary Considerations When Replacing A Warehouse Roof

  1. Review Your Repair Options
  2. It’s important that you rule out any possible repair options before following through with a full repair of your roof. The industry is evolving regularly and new repair systems are being utilized within the commercial marketplace that weren’t available just a year or two ago. Contact a roofing contractor and ask them to analyze the system for potential repair strategies.

  3. Determine the Slope of the New Roof
  4. If it’s been determined that your business does require a new roof, it’s important to analyze the various options within the roofing design marketplace. The slope of your roof will determine how well it drains the water and any issues could cause water to pool on the top, leading to significant long-term maintenance requirements.

  5. The Timing of the Work
  6. To prevent a significant impact on your business, it’s important to time the roof replacement work effectively. Alongside the team leader of your chosen roofing company, discuss how best to time the project to mitigate the work affecting your employees. You might ask that the roofing installation team work in the evening time, or through national holidays.

  7. The Durability of the New Roofing System
  8. How long are you planning to operate out of your current location? This is an important question to ask when selecting a new roofing system. If you’re hoping to remain in the same space for a decade or more, the system’s durability will be a critical deciding factor in the purchase process. However, if you plan on moving in a year or two, you might select a temporary option that will allow you to save money in the short-term.

    Remember, no matter how long you’re planning to be in your commercial space for, a better roof will increase its resale value, which may factor into your decision process.

  9. The Structural Load for the Roof
  10. Do you plan on building a walk-out space on top of your warehouse roof? Or additional items such as solar panel systems? If so, it’s imperative you consider the system’s potential structural load. Speak with your contractor about your roofing options and decide which system offers you the best value for money in terms of price and structural performance.

Replacing a commercial roof can take time to complete correctly, so it’s important to consider all the items highlighted in this post before rushing into the process. To learn more, speak with our trusted team directly!

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