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IS YOUR ROOF READY FOR WINTER? Many companies don’t know. To find out if your roof is ready to handle the snow, ice and rain this season have a FREE no obligation 100 point roof inspection done by The #1 Firestone MASTER Contractor in Canada and a Firestone Inner Circle Member

Many people do not realize that Firestone (yes the tire company) is one of the largest roofing manufacturers in the WORLD. There are only 250 master contractors in the world, and only 8 in Canada.

Our client list includes: Lowe’s Ontario, Walmart, Mc Donald’s, Winners, Rexall, Shoppers, and Ford to name a few.

Master Contractors ONLY install roofs with 20-30 year warranties that cover EVERYTHING, unlike other roofers who may only give you a few years on material and nothing on workmanship. That means who you buy from and how it’s installed is KEY to making sure you are not throwing your money away.

Master Contractors are JUST as competitive in their quoting so why take a risk? Choose to use a company with a 25 year track record, a fleet of 35 vehicles and one of the best reputations in the business.

A full roof inspection and audit normally runs for about $1500. This is a fully subsidized, no obligation roof inspection.

The 100 point roof inspection includes the following, for example:
• Inspection of deck and walls.
• Interior and Exterior inspection.
• Metal Flashings.
• Cap and Counter flashing.
• Expansion joints.
• Roof Dividers.
• Rooftop Equipment such as HVAC exhaust fans etc
• Conduit and Pipe Flashings.
• Roof Surfaces for Deterioration and Cracking.
• Checking for ‘alligatoring’, buckering and blistering.
• Ballast Displacement and “Wind Scour”
• Inspect and clean roof drains

After the full inspection you will have a snapshot of the total roof and (building health). This is an excellent start to preventative maintenance which is key to saving money on roofing.

When you have a highly qualified and respected roofing company with no shortage of integrity do this you will at the very least understand what your position is. As we always tell our clients, “Be in a position to act, not react”.

How To Know If Your Roof Is In Trouble 10 Signs:

• Have you had a roof leak in the past years
• Are the roof leaks frequent?
• Have you carried regular maintenance program through the years?
• Does your ceiling or walls show any discoloration from water leaks?
• Roof drainage problems
• Over the last 5-10 years have your energy cost gradually increased?
• This may indicate a roofing material or insulation breakdown
• Do you see areas of stains from ponded water?
• Is roofing material pulling away from the penetrations or from the walls?
• Have you noticed any loose metal flashing on the exterior of the building?
• Is there a large and frequent amount of traffic on your roof.

Email: and ask for your free roof inspection today.

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