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How Can You Clean Your Commercial Roof?

Cleaning your commercial roof provides a wide range of benefits to its performance, lifespan, and safety. Commercial roofs play a vital role in your business and need to be properly maintained over time.

Cleaning Commercial Roof

Roofs are exposed to extreme temperatures, debris, mould, and other environmental threats, and cleaning your roof is only one part of the maintenance required to protect your roof, building, and occupants over time.

Using the Right Products

The first step in cleaning your commercial roof is to ensure that the right products are used.

Cleaning products contain chemicals that are effective in treating the materials of your commercial roof, and the best products contain titanium dioxide to allow for the proper chemical reactions to take place. It’s also an effective element in refracting light on your roof, which can help improve its energy efficiency.

The Right Cleaning Process

In order to clean your commercial roof, you’ll need to find the right service professionals who understand the needs of your building. There is no one-size-fits-all cleaning solution to warehouses and other large buildings, and this allows you to apply the best treatment process for maximum results.

Mould, algae, and other debris are first broken down using products that have high pH levels. Once these are broken down, they’re washed away using a surface cleaner and solution using high temperatures. This leaves a clean finish to your roof and prevents future damage from occurring.

A treatment is then applied after the surface is cleaned to provide a long-lasting finish and enhance the look of your roof. This optimizes its reflective properties and maximizes the benefits you’ll receive from your investment.

Clean Your Roof Each Year

Maintaining your commercial roof shouldn’t end after a quality cleaning; it’s an ongoing process that requires you to observe any changes in its integrity. Be aware of any debris or mould growth that can lead to further damage as the earlier you detect these, the better off you and your building will be.

Your roofing service professionals can help you determine an effective maintenance schedule. An annual cleaning is recommended to provide you with a functional roof, but you’ll want to plan in advance, as cleanings are difficult during the colder winter months and are often dangerous for your roofing company to perform.

Benefits of Cleaning Your Commercial Roof

Cleaning your roof keeps its surface temperature low. This maximizes the lifespan of the roof’s membrane and helps reduce the costs associated with controlling the building’s temperature.

A clean roof allows cool air to enter through the HVAC system and provides significant energy savings to you.

Cleaning your roof also helps to expose any damage or needed repairs. When the roof is covered with dirt and debris, building owners can overlook the red flags that indicate the need for maintenance.

Regular cleaning makes it easy and less expensive to clean your roof in the future. A comprehensive roof maintenance program is one of the best investments you can make in the quality of your commercial roof.

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