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How Daylighting Can Be a Social Benefit To Your Office

The modern world as we know it would be much different in the absence of artificial light. The invention of the light bulb nearly 140 years ago revolutionized the way mankind lived and worked; contrary to our ancestors who relied exclusively on natural daylight hours, we can do more for longer, thanks in no small part to electricity.

Daylight Increases Employee Happiness

Like anything, however, the one major downside to artificial lighting, especially for large commercial buildings with high energy demands, are the resulting expenses. To reduce their annual operating costs, many business owners have turned once more to the power of the Sun.

Let There be Light

Whereas in years past, natural light was the primary mode of lighting warehouses, offices, and buildings, today this strategy is conveniently referred to as daylighting. The latter entails a heavy reliance on sunlight while subsequently minimizing the use of electrical lighting. Daylighting can be accomplished in a number of ways, some of which are more complex than others.

It is no surprise that the insertion and strategic placement of additional windows and skylights is a common practice among companies that incorporate daylighting into their building designs. Due to their practical design, structures outfitted with flat roofs benefit most from skylight installations, although many business owners still rely on the advice of professional consultants with regards to the positioning of these devices for maximum natural lighting.

Looking Beyond the Numbers: A Healthy Approach to Commercial Lighting

A more comprehensive look at the science behind daylighting demonstrates that energy-savings alone are hardly the sole reason why companies are investing in it.

Numerous studies have shown the positive impact that daylighting can have on employee and student performance and productivity.

People tend to be more alert, engaged, and happy in environments where more sunlight is present. That being said, daylighting truly is a win-win for business owners looking to boost their revenues while simultaneously cutting back on their annual energy expenditures.

The use of sunlight saves money while boosting staff morale, thereby promoting a happier, healthier workforce that can continually deliver results. Most roofing contractors have experience installing daylighting-inspired rooftops, as the strategy is becoming more and more widespread in the commercial and industrial sector at large. However if you want the best results from your daylighting, it’s essential you go with an established and reputable company to do the job correctly. Contact Empire Roofing today for more information on how daylighting can make a positive impact on your business.

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