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How do you Ensure a Finished Job Meets my Expectations?

Most of the elements that would help ensure a quality roofing job are hidden from sight, so it might be hard to tell if the finished job meets your expectations. Much of the quality assurance process depends on the professionalism and trustworthiness of the roofing company you choose to contract for your project.

Expected Roofing Project

When you work with Empire Roofing Corporation, our experienced field supervisors are responsible for checking that all work is completed to superior standards. This extends to project cleanup, irrespective of the season when the project is undertaken. Our production manager follows up at the conclusion of each job to ensure your complete satisfaction.

It starts with hiring a quality roofer

The roof is a very important component of a building, and any kind of work performed on it should be exceptional, from small repair jobs to new roof installations. Usually, the bulk of what is spent on a roofing job goes for the skilled labour involved, while the materials themselves represent a fairly small portion of the bill.

This implies that choosing an experienced roofing company is the best way to protect your investment and ensure that the finished job meets your expectations.

  1. Get recommendations
  2. The easiest way to find a reliable roofing company is by shopping around and looking for recommendations of people who have worked with them before.

  3. Call references directly
  4. If you get multiple recommendations of good roofing companies to work with, you could narrow down your search by getting in touch with some of their references to determine whether they were satisfied with the work.

You could ask them questions like:

  • Whether they would use the roofer again
  • Whether there were any problems with the finished job, and how fast they responded to the complaint. Also find out whether they charged for the additional work
  • Whether the job was done within the agreed budget, or how much the project exceeded the budget
  • Whether the roofer caused damage to other parts of the property, and whether they cleaned up after completing the work
  • Whether there was a designated foreman available to address their concerns for the entire duration of the project

You could also visit some of the references to get a visual feel of the quality of work done by a prospective company.

Final note

Proper management of the roofing project is important to ensure a satisfactory outcome. Even as you check whether the roofer you want to hire carries workers’ compensation coverage and offers a warranty to cover leaks, flashing failure and other labour-related defects, you should find out the qualifications of the construction manager in charge of the overall project – as a competency check.

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