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How To Safely Remove Snow From An Industrial Roof

Snow can be a serious threat to your property’s roof, but knowing what to look for helps you determine the best strategy to safely remove snow from an industrial roof.

Snow Removal Equipment

There are inherent risks that you should consider to protect your roof during the winter months, but simply having the right knowledge and equipment helps you safely remove the snow from your roof and prevent long-term damage.

Evaluate the Risk

Before removing snow from an industrial roof, you should evaluate all areas of the property to determine your level of risk.

Taking the time to observe the drywall surrounding door frames and looking for cracks gives you an idea of the damage that may be caused by snow on your roof. If doors begin to stick, it could be an indication that there is a high level of weight on the structure of your property.

Keeping snow off of your roof lowers the risk of developing ice dams. These prevent snow, water, and other debris from falling off your roof. When these items get trapped, they can lead to further damage over time.

Examine the snow outside of your building. If it’s wet and heavy, it could indicate that your roof is at risk for damage. You should remove the snow from your roof as soon as possible.

Snow Removal Equipment

You can safely remove snow from your roof by using a snow rake equipped with a telescoping handle. This makes it easy to reach high areas, and the rake’s rollers can help protect your roof from its blades.

Some rakes allow you to target the underside of the snow on your roof. These rakes can be placed between the snow and underlying roof, which allows you to use the snow’s weight to remove it.

Removing the snow on your roof on a regular basis keeps it from piling up. This prevents the formation of ice dams and reduces the load placed on your rooftop structure.

If you’re unable to reach beyond your property’s overhangs, consult with a professional roofing service to remove your snow safely.

Professional Assistance

Your roofing service professionals can help you address snow buildup and protect your property during the winter season. A professional service team will have the insurance and licenses to provide you with quality work that is fully protected, and they help you reduce the excess weight on your roof without causing the damage that occurs when property owners attempt to remove the underlying ice.

Having the right skilled service team and the proper equipment makes it easy to keep your roof free from excess snow and enhances its lifespan.

Snow can lead to damage on your roof and other parts of your property. Knowing how to identify the signs of potential risks will ensure that you keep your property safe, so using the right equipment and the help of a skilled professional is an investment in the value and safety of your property. Contact us today for more information!

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