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Increasing Demands for Solar-Ready Roofs

Solar power generation technology continues to advance at a rapid pace. Even if a building owner may not want to install solar panels at the moment – it is quite possible that he or she may wish to make the investment at some point in the future, considering how quickly the industry is growing. As such, it is prudent for newly constructed roofs and buildings to be ‘solar ready’.

Solar-Ready Roofs

In certain areas, such as California for example, it is generally required by law that all new commercial properties be built to solar standards. While that is not the case in Ontario, anyone installing a new roof should still consider upgrading for these possibilities, as this will result in drastic cost-savings in the long term if the decision to install the panels is eventually made. Not only that, but it will likely increase the resale value of your property, should you be looking to sell in the near future.

Here is a brief overview of the main factors that make a roof solar ready:

  1. Rooftop obstructions should be minimized
  2. Obstructions on the roof, such as machinery, should be kept to a minimum. If it is necessary to mount some equipment on the roof, as will often be the case, the equipment should be grouped together and confined to as small an area as possible so that there will be a large open area on which to install solar panels.

  3. The load bearing capacity of the roof must be adequate
  4. The roof must be able to bear the load of an array of solar panels. Not only does it have to be able to hold the weight of the panels themselves, but also the snow that may accumulate on the roof, and the wind that may bear extra weight on the roof. To ensure that a roof can handle it, building owners will have to consult with a roofing company who are experienced with installing heavy structures on heavy roofs.

  5. Mounts should be installed
  6. Any solar panels eventually installed will have to be mounted to the roof. Installing these at the time or roof construction will almost always be cheaper than doing so after the roof is constructed, making it a smart investment for anyone interested in making the change in the future.

If you’re looking have your roof upgraded, or are looking to build an entirely new building altogether, contact our experts on what you need to do to get a solar-ready roof!

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