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Re-Roofing – Expectations vs. Reality

Are roofing companies satisfying the needs of the customer? Integrity, Quality, and Sustainability are increasingly becoming an expectation by customers when considering, or purchasing a roofing system to suit their needs – but is this a reality?

Empire roofing takes great pride in providing design assistance to match the right roofing system for the application, but also believes that the total customer experience should be positive, interactive, and satisfying for the customer. It absolutely goes without saying that Empire believes that the most important value is the safety of our employees and the public in general, but customer expectations and satisfaction is a close second.

Always provide the customer with exactly what was sold, what you said you would do, and what the right thing to do would be. This means some thoughtful and over-the-top effort. Listen to your customer with genuine concern for his needs, building, contents, and employees. Take notes, and implement what your customer feels is important to them.

One of the ultimate goals should be to provide the customer with the maximum level quality, something far beyond the ordinary. One way Empire demonstrates its high level of quality, is to have the installers of the membrane and accessories, initial their work with permanent marker on the membrane. This demonstrates pride in the installation, as well as a measurable result of workmanship by the installers.

Another unique way Empire ensures quality is an independent review of every roof by our in house Quality Control supervisor. The project is not considered complete without the signature and authorization of our Quality Control inspector.

Firestone TPO roofing systems provide some of the best and most comprehensive Warranties in the in the roofing business.

According to the 2017 sustainability report, the Firestone Building Products plant has diverted more than 12,700 tones of pre-construction scrap material from landfill, and reprocessed back into product between 2012 – 2017. Since 2012 Firestone Building Products has reduced total water use by 37 percent per ton of product and has reduced total wastewater by 50 percent per ton of product. This names only a few of many environmentally friendly initiatives

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