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Tear Off VS Roof Over

Replacing your roof is one of the best investments you can make in the performance and value of your commercial property, but there are a number of options to consider when doing so, and understanding what they are will help you determine which method will best suit your needs.

Tear Off VS Roof Over

Roof replacement can be done by removing the existing roof and replacing it with a new roofing system, but there is a possibility to simply apply a new roof layer over your existing one, depending on it’s current condition.

However, there are certain risks that you need to know about before choosing the best method to replace your roof.

Roof Over Considerations

A roof over is a cost-effective method to replacing your roof, but the amount you save may only be a short-term benefit. Although tearing off your existing roof for replacement may cost more, it can also prevent unwanted issues from occurring in the future.

A roof over results in having two roof layers on your property. In addition, it can make it difficult to detect any underlying issues prior to replacing your roof. If these issues are left unaddressed, you could end up needing more extensive and costly repairs down the line.

Roof Over Risks

Adding a second roof to your property increases the weight it must support. This adds stress to the decking and can lead to higher surface temperatures that damage the roofing materials.

A roof over also increases the risk of algae and bacteria growth, which can become trapped under the roofing layers. This can cause damage and decreases the lifespan of your roof.

Covering your old roofing makes it difficult to perform a full inspection, which leads to the concealment of wear and damage that contribute to leaks and other issues. If moisture leaks through the top layer, it can spread underneath to other areas.

A roof over can also limit an warranty protection you may have and can impact the value of your property.

Tear Off Option

Tearing off your existing roof to replace with a new one offers a number of benefits. It allows your roofing service professionals to properly inspect the underlying structures for any damage which gives you an opportunity to implement any repairs or replacements prior to installing a new roof. You’ll enhance the integrity and lifespan of your property and avoid having to do more costly repairs.

Tear off roof replacements last longer than roof over installations. The heat that can accumulate in a roof over can be avoided when you replace your existing roof. A longer lifespan makes a tear off roof installation or more cost-effective solution.

Understanding the difference between a tear off and roof over replacement will help you determine the best choice for your property. Roof overs can be less expensive, but they also carry additional risks to the performance and safety of your property.

A tear off gives you an opportunity to reinforce the existing structures prior to replacing your roof. This will provide greater stability and savings in the long run.

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