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Three Common Roof Problems That Need To Be Taken Care Of

If you own a commercial building, you’ve likely experienced a number of structural problems that had to be resolved using professional tools and experience. Within the commercial marketplace, many building owners experience the same types of challenges and it’s important to understand how best to respond to those challenges to ensure an effective repair process is completed within an efficient turnaround time.

Three Common Roof Problems

Within this article, we’ll examine several of the most common roofing problems encountered by commercial building owners.

  1. Pooling Water
  2. One of the most common, and potentially damaging, issues commercial property owners across the country face is pooling water.

    This occurs when rainwater collects on one part of the roof. This can cause numerous challenges for the building owner. For example, pooling water on the roof can lead to the roofing material sinking into the interior of the building, then breaking and allowing moisture to leak into the property. It’s the reason that many commercial building owners are now replacing older roofing systems with architecture designed for seamless integration of HVAC equipment and drainage areas.

  3. Faulty Flashings
  4. Flashings are designed to deflect water from the joints and seams of the building. It’s primarily installed on the elements protruding from the roof, such as the chimneys and the pipes, and correct installation is very important. In fact, a large percentage of roofing leaks occur directly as a result of faulty flashings or incorrectly installed flashings.

    Flashings can become damaged due to expansion and contraction that occurs over time, causing water to leak into the building. Commercial property owners that experience a leak within their building must ensure that their roof flashing is analyzed by a specialist. Only a trained expert can help protect against further structural failure.

  5. Tile Blow Offs
  6. Wind uplift resistance is a critical element to consider when installing any roofing system. In older properties with roofing seams have not been properly cured, wind uplift can cause damage to the roof membrane, creating a significant structural issue and potentially leading to tiles becoming removed from the building structure.

    Building owners experiencing this type of roof tile issue require the assistance of maintenance professionals, who can then examine and repair the system to protect the interior of the property. In most cases, the company will replace the tiles entirely with a more modern and successful solution.

Roofing issues can become exceptionally costly over time, so commercial property owners must analyze their repair requirements and ensure they speak with a specialist within a quick time frame to learn more on the problem. To discuss your building’s roofing issues with an expert, contact our trusted team today!

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