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TPO vs EPDM Roofing Systems


Empire Roofing Corporation installs both EPDM and TPO roofing however, in our harsh Canadian climate TPO is almost always the clear choice. Empire Roofing Corporation is the largest installer of TPO roofing in Canada.

Superior seam strength is critical for a long-lasting, watertight roofing system. TPO seams are 4 times stronger than taped EPDM.

Exceptional puncture resistance allows a roofing system to withstand the typical abuse that occurs when non roofing tradespeople (HVAC, maintenance, etc) utilize the roof. TPO offers a superior puncture resistance when compared to both non-reinforced and reinforced EPDM of the same thickness.

TPO is dimensionally stable, while EPDM can shrink up to 2 percent after installation. Imagine your roof membrane shrinking 2 feet in a 100-foot run!

EASIER TO INSTALL – EPDM takes 12 steps to install, which means more room for error. TPO is installed in 3 easy steps. No only that but making repairs to an TPO roof is just as simple: just cut a patch and weld in place.

LOWER COST – TPO systems are less expensive than EPDM on an installed cost basis.

ENERGY-EFFICIENT CHOICE – TPO is the clear winner when it comes to energy efficiency. On a sunny Summer day, a black roof reaches much higher temps than a reflective white TPO roof, as much as 60 degrees F more!

This translates to less solar radiation into your facility thereby resulting in energy savings.

*Beware of energy ‘savings’ calculations for dark roofs in cold winter climates that often ignore:

– cloud cover or days with no sun
– hours of daylight
– snow cover
– the low angle of the sun

These factors significantly impact the energy savings calculations for a dark roof.

Some TPO brands can often be manufactured in virtually any colour to meet your specific design needs including ‘cool colours’ that are Energy Star qualified.

TPO systems have grown from just a tiny share of the single-ply roofing market to become, by the same accounts, the #1 preferred single-ply roofing product. Their flexibility for use in viritually any application has also made them the fastest growing single-ply roofing system.

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