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Windsor Tornado Destroys Automotive Plant Leaving the Community Concerned about their Jobs

On Thursday August 25th Environment Canada confirmed that two tornado’s struck without warning and barreled through parts of Windsor and LaSalle on Wednesday night. Kautex Textron an automotive supplier plant was among one of the buildings that got hit by the torrential tornado leaving the building without a roof and with extreme damage to the structure. The plant was forced to shut down as of Thursday morning leaving thousands waiting to get back to work.  With an impossible deadline of 1 week Empire Roofing was called in to restore the roof and all of the damage caused by the storm. By the Saturday morning, Empire Roofing had pulled all of their forces from the Windsor, London and Toronto offices and brought them down to Windsor and have been working in shifts around the clock to complete this project in the given time frame. Any prolonged closure of this plant would be detrimental to the economy of the city that’s just getting back on it’s feet.  The Morale is high on site as everyone is working together to accomplish this goal!Photo 2016-08-28, 7 08 13 AM Photo 2016-08-28, 7 12 48 AM Photo 2016-08-28, 7 30 47 AM Photo 2016-08-28, 9 26 38 AM Photo 2016-08-28, 9 33 05 AM


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