Safety Fest 2024

*Update: Please note that we have made adjustments to the original dates for Safety Fest at our Canadian office locations!*

Important Announcement from Empire Roofing Corporation.

We are excited to share that our annual Safety Fest training event is just around the corner! Throughout the month of April we will be hosting the event for each of our office locations to reinforce our commitment to safety and provide comprehensive training to our dedicated team members.

Event Dates:

  • GTA: June 10-11
  • Windsor-London: June 13-14
  • Greensboro, NC (Procon Roofing Corporation): April 25-26

Procon Roofing’s Safety Fest at our USA office remains unchanged.

Please note that during Safety Fest, our field operations will be temporarily on hold as we dedicate our focus to ensuring the well-being and expertise of our team members. This brief pause is a proactive step towards maintaining the highest standards of safety in all of our projects.

Events like Safety Fest are a reflection of our ongoing commitment to delivering exceptional service while protecting the safety of each and every member of our team.

Stay tuned for updates and highlights from the events!

Partnering in Ontario’s FIrst All-Electric Net Zero Carbon Industrial Building

Empire Roofing Corporation proudly announces its integral role in the completion of Ontario’s first-ever-all-electric Net Zero Carbon speculative industrial building! This milestone, achieved at 6750 Fifth Line in Milton, ON, stands as a testament to our commitment to excellence and sustainability.

The 234,061-square-foot industrial building features an enhanced envelope with superior roof insulation, ensuring energy efficiency and reduced air leakage. The building boasts a 500kW rooftop solar array, offsetting 100% of annual greenhouse gas emissions. Over the first 10 years, our contribution will prevent 2,151 tons of CO2 from entering the atmosphere – equivalent to removing 468 cars from the road!

The all-electric HVAC system, 200-300% more efficient than standard systems, ensures a projected 59% reduction in annual operating costs in the first year compared to traditional construction.

This project serves as the blueprint for the future of environmentally friendly roofing, and Empire Roofing is proud to have been a partner in its completion. As we continue to embrace sustainability, we stay committed to advancing green practices in roofing and underscore the positive impact we can collectively make on the environment.


We are excited to announce that Empire Roofing Corporation has Purchased ProCon Inc. in North Carolina and will combine operations to form Procon Roofing Corporation.

Established in 1987, ProCon Inc. has grown and developed an outstanding reputation in the commercial roofing marketplace in North Carolina. For over 33 years ProCon Inc. has cultivated and fostered exceptional relationships in the roofing industry, due in no small part to their exceptional quality and customer service.

We are pleased to announce that the previous owners, Michael Fowlkes and Charles Clegg will continue to play an important role in the new company as both leaders and mentors.

Over the same time frame, Empire Roofing Corporation has grown and developed a reputation as industry leaders in Quality, Customer Service, and Safety. Founded in 1987, and headquartered in Windsor Ontario, Empire Roofing Corporation has grown to three branches in Ontario. The tremendous success of the company has truly been due to the focus on quality over quantity.

Although founded in 1987, Ken Gascoigne the President and Owner comes from a long line of roofing professionals dating back to 1929. This lineage, experience, and focus on quality has led Empire to be presented the most prestigious awards in the roofing community. Empire Roofing Corporation has been awarded the Master Contractor Platinum award, the President’s Club award, and the Inner Circle or Quality award.

This will mark our new foothold in the United States and positions us for exponential growth throughout Canada and US markets. We look forward to providing our customers and clients with the same level of quality and service they have become accustomed to across North America.

COVID-19 – Keeping Our Customers Safe

uninterrupted service during covid-19

To Our Valued Customers,


The Government of Canada has deemed our work essential. We provide construction services, maintenance services and emergency repairs to maintain the health and safety of industrial, commercial and institutional properties across the country.

The safety of our employees, our customers and their families is our top priority. As such, we have immediately implemented the following “Hands Free” Protocol;

Our technicians are screened daily before the start of every shift for symptoms.

We have sent hand washing and sanitation guides to our staff both by video and handouts and provided the materials required to implement these practices.

We are communicating daily on prevention and process changes as advised by public health authorities.

We have requested our field technicians to not access the customer’s building without proper communication and permission.

Each truck is equipped with hand sanitizer, soap, water and disinfectant to be used on all tools and equipment in between sites and at the end of each work day.

We have empowered our technicians to make real time on site decisions that they feel will mitigate any potential exposure and minimize risk for all parties.

IMPORTANT: For all our clients who are also operational, or who require service in an occupied building, we are now offering CONTACT FREE service. Our technicians can service your roof and address your leaks without ever having to access the interior of the building.

Please contact our Service Department to schedule a service call.

We sincerely thank you for your continued support throughout these difficult times,

The Empire Roofing Team

Re-Roofing – Expectations vs. Reality

Are roofing companies satisfying the needs of the customer? Integrity, Quality, and Sustainability are increasingly becoming an expectation by customers when considering, or purchasing a roofing system to suit their needs – but is this a reality?

Empire roofing takes great pride in providing design assistance to match the right roofing system for the application, but also believes that the total customer experience should be positive, interactive, and satisfying for the customer. It absolutely goes without saying that Empire believes that the most important value is the safety of our employees and the public in general, but customer expectations and satisfaction is a close second.

Always provide the customer with exactly what was sold, what you said you would do, and what the right thing to do would be. This means some thoughtful and over-the-top effort. Listen to your customer with genuine concern for his needs, building, contents, and employees. Take notes, and implement what your customer feels is important to them.

One of the ultimate goals should be to provide the customer with the maximum level quality, something far beyond the ordinary. One way Empire demonstrates its high level of quality, is to have the installers of the membrane and accessories, initial their work with permanent marker on the membrane. This demonstrates pride in the installation, as well as a measurable result of workmanship by the installers.

Another unique way Empire ensures quality is an independent review of every roof by our in house Quality Control supervisor. The project is not considered complete without the signature and authorization of our Quality Control inspector.

Firestone TPO roofing systems provide some of the best and most comprehensive Warranties in the in the roofing business.

According to the 2017 sustainability report, the Firestone Building Products plant has diverted more than 12,700 tones of pre-construction scrap material from landfill, and reprocessed back into product between 2012 – 2017. Since 2012 Firestone Building Products has reduced total water use by 37 percent per ton of product and has reduced total wastewater by 50 percent per ton of product. This names only a few of many environmentally friendly initiatives

Single-Ply Membrane Roofing: TPO vs EPDM

Written by Gautham Murralitharan –

1- Excellent Reliability
Excellent seam strength as TPO seams are 4 times stronger than taped EPDM and less temperature dependent, which is critical for a long-lasting watertight roofing system.

Exceptional puncture resistance, as TPO offers excellent puncture resistance when compared to both non-reinforced and reinforced EPDM of the same thickness.

Dimensionally stable, EPDM can shrink up to 2% after installation-the installed roof membrane shrinks by 2 feet (610mm) in a 100 foot (30.5m) run.

2- Easier to Install
TPO installs at least 2 times faster than EPDM.

TPO installs in just 3 steps. EPDM can take up to 12 steps to install-which means more likelihood for error and making repairs to a TPO roof just as simple; just cut a patch and weld in place.

3- Lower-Cost Solution
Choosing the right system is key to minimizing installation, maintenance and repair costs.

TPO membranes come in three styles (including smooth, fleece-back, and self-adhered), with multiple installation options (including mechanically-attached, induction-welding, fully-adhered, and self-adhering). With the most prefabricated accessories available in the industry, TPO gives you maximum design flexibility and allows you to apply the lowest-cost solution to your specific roofing need. The result, TPO systems are less expensive than EPDM on an installed cost basis.

4- Standing/Ponding Water Resistance
A durable roofing system depends on strong seams. TPO’s welded seams are stronger than tapered EPDM seams. By welding the seams, TPO becomes one monolithic membrane across the entire roof. This allows TPO to handle standing/ponding water areas where EPDM systems fail.

5- Energy-Efficient Choice
TPO is the clear winner when it comes to energy efficiency and recyclability.

  • On a sunny summer day, a black roof can reach temperatures in excess of 170°F (76.7°C).
  • A highly reflective white roof can be as low as 110°F (43.3°C).
  • TPO roofs transmit much less solar radiation vs black EPDM into your facility, thereby resulting in energy savings.
  • TPO’s highly reflective material helps to reduce overall demand charge on commercial buildings, which accounts to a minimum of 30% of a total electric bill.

6- Weight
Light-weight system reduces load to roof structure and thus reducing damages and losses which may occur due to snow loads, etc. The exposed – membrane systems offer exceptional light weight characteristics over ballasted roof systems which utilize heavy gravel ballast as a major component of the system.

The weight of the new TPO roof system is approximately one (1) lb/s.f. in contrast to the ballasted EPDM roof system which has a weight of appx. (10 -14) lbs /s.f.

Example of a ballasted EPDM rubber roof. Note the abundance of gravel on the surface of the roof making inspections and repairs extremely costly.

7- Solar Ready
TPO is a solar ready roof which allows for future Solar Panel installation while any roof warranties remain valid.

TPO offers Slip Sheets that should be installed below the solar panels rack base. The slip sheets should be a minimum 2″ wider than the contact surface area of the rack base mount on all sides.

Empire Roofing Corporation Inducted into Firestone Master Contractor Hall of Fame

In addition to the impressive lineup of awards we have received, we are extremely proud to announce we have been inducted into the Firestone Master Contractor Hall of Fame. Empire Roofing Corporation President, Ken Gascoigne was presented the award at the Firestone induction event held in February and is now one of only 19 contractors to receive this distinction and the first-ever to receive the induction in Canada.

The Master Contractor Program is now in its 32nd year and recognizes companies for exemplary craftsmanship, superior leadership and overall distinguished presence within the commercial construction industry.

“We are proud to recognize these contractors as 2019 Master Contractor Hall of Fame inductees who have earned the distinction of the best contractors in the commercial construction business based on their long history of exemplary work and partnership with Firestone,” said Taylor Cole, president of Firestone Building Products.

This induction is a testament to the hard work and commitment to quality that every Empire Roofing Corporation team member puts into every aspect of their jobs. Thank you for your continued dedication and for making Empire what it is today.

Get Ready for the Summer Heat

You made it through the harsh winter and the spring thaw but you need to ensure your roof is prepared to take on all of what Mother Nature can throw at it – next up is the heat of the summer. Most may think that the summer months are the most gentle on roofing systems and to an extent, they are correct. However it is important to remember that as summer months come, so too, do severe thunderstorms, strong winds and high temperature fluctuations.

Have you checked your roof for pooling/ponding water? With the humidity of the summer, ponding water can lead to mosquito infestation, algae/vegetation growth and of course, significant structural damage. The causes of ponding/pooling water on your flat roof are various and can range from faulty HVAC units, poor/blocked drainage systems, a low spot in the roof, etc.

As our temperatures reach 30°C-40°C in the late afternoons and drop to 10°C-15°C overnight, your roof expands and shrinks (which is perfectly natural) but doing this on a daily basis for extended periods of time leads to wear and tear. Maintaining your roof is a year-round job and proper preventative maintenance reduces the risk of major damage, extended downtime of your business and ensures you fulfill the obligations of your roof’s warranty.

When was the last time you have had a professional perform a proper inspection and health report? If it’s been awhile or if you don’t remember, chances are it’s time. Below are a few warning signs to look out for if you’re going to perform your own “eye-test” but be careful – going up to your roof can be dangerous and there’s the possibility of causing more damage. If you’re not comfortable, call your roofing professionals.


  • Pooling/ponding water
  • Mosquito infestation
  • Growth of vegetation
  • Substantial debris
  • Visible interior water damage
  • Damaged flashing (sheet metal trim around joints)
  • Blistering or noticeable bumps
  • Cracks/punctures
  • Significant staining

DON’T BE BEAT BY THE HEAT: Get out in front of any possible issues this summer and enjoy the sunshine!

Winterizing Your Roof: The Power of Preparation

The holiday season is fast approaching which means so too is winter. With plenty of additional expenditures already surrounding this time of year, the last thing you need is to be stuck with a large expense because your roofing system fails. With winter comes heavy winds, high precipitation/accumulation and drastic temperature changes – all which can cause significant damage (if not total failure of your roof) if you’re not properly prepared for the elements. The good news is that the vast majority of roofing damage and leaks are preventable.

How can you ensure you’re prepared?

If you are already following a preventative maintenance program from your commercial roofing contractor, you are ahead of the game. Look at the last detailed report you were provided and make sure you have (at a minimum) taken care of all of their more urgent recommendations. If you aren’t taking part in a maintenance program or you can’t remember the last time you’ve had a roofing professional inspect your roofs’ health… now is the time.

The first step is to schedule an inspection of your roof (View Empire’s FREE 100 Point Roof Inspection). They will complete a thorough examination and will provide you a detailed report including photos and thermal imaging. This will help you to get out in front of any potential problem areas, forecast your costs, provide you with an understanding of your roofs’ life expectancy and give you peace of mind once the snow starts falling.

What kind of winter can Canadians expect this year?

According to Canadian Farmers’ Almanac, Quebec and east to the Maritimes will be colder and will accumulate more snow than normal. BC will accumulate less but will have above average temperatures along with the prairies and Ontario can expect wild swings in both temperature and precipitation throughout this winter season. (Source:

Don’t let a small flaw turn into a big problem!

Water doesn’t need much space to cause damage and because it will expand (freeze) and contract (thaw) multiple times over the course of a Canadian winter, a small vulnerability left untreated can have significant consequences. As we always tell our clients, “Be in a position to act, not react”.

Contact your commercial roofing professionals and make sure your roof is ready to withstand anything our Canadian winter can throw at it.

Windsor Tornado Destroys Automotive Plant Leaving the Community Concerned about their Jobs

On Thursday August 25th Environment Canada confirmed that two tornado’s struck without warning and barreled through parts of Windsor and LaSalle on Wednesday night. Kautex Textron an automotive supplier plant was among one of the buildings that got hit by the torrential tornado leaving the building without a roof and with extreme damage to the structure. The plant was forced to shut down as of Thursday morning leaving thousands waiting to get back to work.  With an impossible deadline of 1 week Empire Roofing was called in to restore the roof and all of the damage caused by the storm. By the Saturday morning, Empire Roofing had pulled all of their forces from the Windsor, London and Toronto offices and brought them down to Windsor and have been working in shifts around the clock to complete this project in the given time frame. Any prolonged closure of this plant would be detrimental to the economy of the city that’s just getting back on it’s feet.  The Morale is high on site as everyone is working together to accomplish this goal!Photo 2016-08-28, 7 08 13 AM Photo 2016-08-28, 7 12 48 AM Photo 2016-08-28, 7 30 47 AM Photo 2016-08-28, 9 26 38 AM Photo 2016-08-28, 9 33 05 AM